Energy and parallel levels exist in our universe, macrocosmos, and are absolutely related to all living beings, microcosmos. They can be noticed only through metaphysical objective situation that take place within the inner self. These forms of correlation of the energy of the universe with the microcosmic levels have attempted to simplify and explain the fact that we are all connected with a greater source and able to interact by the creation of sensations and telekinisis, communicate telepathetically and travel within distance in velocities higher than that sound and light does.

A three levelled explanation of the relation between microcosmos and macrocosmos.


The level X*, *=y   (this level is the one that from the simple fact just existing there and have been in contact (eye contact, speech) with a person that is at the level 1 you are able to communicate telepathetically, give a sensation of your essence and transfer yourself in the ETH, etheric one)

Eth  (Etheric level, similar to the earthian one but in a state that everything flows, not that concrete, a matter light condensed similar environment to the earth, an electromagnetic field that you can transfer yourself from the point 1 to point 2,a parallel one, that is in constant interaction with the first one and the one that will be mentioned below)

Level 1  (the one that we are all familiar at and live in and inhabit it, the earth)

Those three levels are in constant interaction and are of equally importance.

Communication between the ones that are in the level x* (*=y) and the people in the level 1 can take place (a process called telepathy), also an essence of the person in the upper level (x*) by the creation of sensations can be transmitted to the ones in the level 1.
The level x* is a hyperspace that is connected with each individual, wide spread and of dense material. That hyperspace can be transformed as  wishes any of the people in the upper level, it can be lighted, is limited and of a material that allows clones (people in that level) to travel to other hyperspaces of other's individuals. A theory suggests that this hyperspace is a metaphor of a human's body organ or space like hypothalamus or gland (pineal gland, pituitary gland) or cell in another dimension and organelles of that cell, that can be compared to a living organism are being dotted the consciousness (electromagnetic signal of a higher nature) of each person and so the clones are being created and the whole upper level takes flesh and bones.
Past memories and knowledge acquired in the track of life can be seen and experienced by others with the most interactive way, all stored in the level x*. In this level a matrix can be created - a virtual environment that its surroundings are the ones that a person in level 1, earth, has seen by his own experiences, the physical limit boundaries of the environment he has moved and took action. People in the level x* can be transferred into this virtual environment and live from their own scope the experiences of one person. The most objective way to put a judgement on somebody's virtues and attributes. As stated before the level x* is the place whereas the experiences of one are stored but this is taking place only by the inter-mediation of a clone who has primarily the innate connection with the course of action of the prototype (person in the level 1) and has also all the information of the person in level 1 stored in him. When the time is that somebody comes in contact with a prototype in level 1, the activation of him in the level x* takes place if there's a reason. Clones are to be respected and treated as the people in level 1 are being treated. Otherwise hallucinogenic situations come at light, because of the fact that clones are in a hypnotic state but at the same time full alerted when in contact by certain ways with other people that want to enter the matrix and gain benefit from it, people can project their incapacities in their personal relationships and other impediments that might have, such as wrong beliefs, general lack of respect or constant misjudgments, to the clones. Is easy if such situation take place to prevent and stop them by just getting the clone out of the past uncomforted situation that might others have putten them and keeping them alert. Then the whole situation will work in reverse and the negative effects will be drawn on the one that tried to provoke them into the clone. This is happening because an entropy is taking place, clone and the person in the level x* are connected into a form of communicating vessels, and a sum of energy has flown from the one side that must be returned back so as balance to reappear.
Holographic images can be transmitted to the person in the level 1 and be seen in the optical field in front of him as live videos or images.
Interactive modification of the appearance of the people in the level x* can take place or even slight changes in the appearance of the person in the level 1 can happen. This is happening when coming in touch with specific place of the body and ways of doing it. Giving importance to the lettered A,B and C parts of the face that also might correspond to other parts of the body and the attributes that are defining is essential. Example Neptune represents the water, wisdom and appearance. 60% of the body is water. This is at right side of the body. You should keep in mind that other might approach people in the level x* with the intent to put in a hallucinogen situation by instructing you to think your eye for example and then do something else. This will put them in in a state of sleep and at the same time they will feel uncomfortable because of the strong essence of the person that putten them in this situation. A strong essence of the person in the level x* can also be transmitted to the one in the level 1 (earth). A way to channelize your energy when the interference is being uncomfortable is when someone from the level x* tries to communicate with you and an hologram of him is appearing, then try to focus your energy at the hologram, by this way you can eliminate his negative presence. Also you can turn into another person if the one that is communicating with you disturbs you with his thick uncomfortable essence. Immediately the person that you turned to will be activated and prevent him from disturbing you more. Is essential that the one you will turn to belongs in the group of people or joins it when you turn to him for a second time or simply take the upper hand without having to join that specific group of people.
Dreams are being created by the people on the upper level as they can create erection to males or production of liquids in the female vagina.
People on the level 1 could channelize their energy and avoid also uncomfortable sensation by stopping their breath for a second and then channelize energy into feet by just thinking of them.
The quality of each person can be discovered in the form of a sensation that allows people in the level x* to see how great or not someone is.
Those three levels and their interaction between them, are a vital sign of who you are and where you can go after having an update by experiencing other's lives and acquiring knowledge. Kabbalah and Reiki, another interpretation of those levels, is a way to realise your self and your potential, but is all about energy and the way that somebody thinks is emitting radio signals to the greater source, as been stated, ready to interact with other kinds of energy and objects and have the result that are always according to laws of physics, fair and justified. Another point that should be taken into account is that energy is never lost, even the amounts of energy that are going away by the emission of heat are playing a major role in the interaction between people in the level x* and the forecasted results.
As before has been mentioned, the three levels are of exactly equal importance, the only that differentiates them is the amount of possibilities that you have in each level. In level 1 because of the barriers of the physical body and environment are limited in contrast with the whole bunch of possibilities that you have in the level x*, comportance is always the same, what drives you in whichever level is always the same.
All the information of what is being done in the level x* is being stored also and cannot never be lost.
Another point that it should be mentioned but handled carefully and in a wise manner is that, experiences of yours and in general all the tracks of your life are being valued in an intelligent way and translated into a sum of money, that is being based on how the ones that have been activated have evaluated with the most possible objective manner the course of your life, something that is happening in an automatic way that cannot bear any doubts.